How do I figure out how much SOD I need?

Divide the yard into rectangles, such as front, sides and backyards. Measure each area’s length times width in feet. Multiply the length times width to get the square footage of that section. Do the same to all of the sections, and then add them all together to get the total square footage. Divide the total square footage by 9. This gives you square yards. Our SOD is sold by the Square Yard.

How big is each piece?

18”x 6’ (1 square yard) (9 square feet)

How much does each piece weigh?

Between 25 to 40 pounds. Depending on water content (last rain), usually around 28 pounds per yard.

How much can I haul in my car, truck or trailer?

Cars: 10-15 yards, depending size of the car.
Small trucks: (5-10, Ranger) 40-50 yards
½ ton pickup: 60 yards.
Trailer: can be 10-500 yards depending on the trailer.

When is the best time to put SOD in?

Our season starts around April 1st, sometimes earlier depending on weather. We will sell SOD until the ground freezes in the fall, usually in December.

How do I prepare the soil for SOD?

The same as you would for seed. The only difference is that you are putting down fully mature grass, which is 1 to 2 years old when you install it.

How do I fertilize SOD?

The same as you would a normal lawn. We recommend a schedule of 4 times a year.

How much water does SOD need?

Initially, after installation you need enough water to soak the SOD all the way through and get to the soil underneath. Wet at least 1 inch down, this takes between 1 to 2 inches of water. After that, you need to put on about ½ inch of water every other day for about 2 weeks or until SOD has taken root. After that, 1” of water per week is sufficient. These are just guidelines. The rates will vary during different times of year due to evaporation.

Do I need to call ahead to pick up SOD?

Yes. We only harvest to the orders we receive, so we need to know how much you will need and when you will be picking it up.

What are your hours?

Monday-Friday 8 a.m. – 5 p.m.
Saturday 8 a.m. –12 p.m.
Sunday Closed

How much notice do you need to set up a delivery?

Sometimes, same day but 2-3 days’ notice is best. Delivery times depend on our truck availability. The more notice you give us, the better your chance of getting it when you need it.

Do you unload it off of your truck?

Yes, we send a forklift with the truck. Our driver will place the SOD wherever you would like, as long as he can safely do so.

Is this something I can install myself?

Yes, the average person can put down 35-50 square yards per hour.

How far do you deliver?

Our focus is on North/ East Ohio. We will go farther to be of service to you.
Give us a call for a quote on deliveries.

Do you install?

No. However, we do deliver and we will place the pallets in your yard, close to your work area.

Do you know anyone who would install for us?

Yes. We have many landscapers who do installations. Please call and we can locate one close to